With A Little Help From A Buzzing Friend: A Vibrator

Sex toys have found their way in most houses, and some of them are now even being sold side by side with home appliances in big supermarket chains, like Target or Walmart in United States. More and more ladies are helping themselves with the use of vibrating sexual devices, and buying a vibrator nowadays is not considered immoral or sick. There are more vibrators today than there are cars on the road, and more than half of women in America have used this adult toy at least once in their lifetime. Even heterosexual males use them, with their female partners generally, and a research done in 2010 by the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy showed that 43.8 % men have used vibrators as a part of foreplay or sexual intercourse.

-font-b-Orion-b-font-Luxury-Vibrator-Dolphin-10-Functions-Vibration-Waterproof-Vibrator-Sex-ToysHowever, the original idea for creating a vibrator had nothing to with straight men using them, or with pleasure for that matter. First vibrators had one thing in mind – to help and to heal. A long-held belief that a condition called “hysteria” was the cause of many problems for women propelled the creation of a device which could be used to treat such a state. Hysteria was recorded even in ancient Greece, and “existed” all the way up to 19th century. Headaches, irritability, aggression and depression were the main symptoms, and mostly ladies who didn’t have a partner for a long time suffered from this condition (especially nuns, widows and spinsters).

The massage of the pelvic area was prescribed as the treatment during the Victorian era in Great Britain for example, and the technological advances enabled heavy machinery to come to the picture. In 1869, American doctor George Taylor created the “Manipulator” – the first steam-powered vibrator. After this ground-breaking step the floodgates were open, and different types of vibrators have been created and used by present day.



Vibrators nowadays usually mimic real-life penises in shape and size, but this is not the general rule. There are many, many types and variation of this toy, for example: clitoral – which are used for stimulation of the clitoris and outer regions of the vagina (most famous and most used product of this group is the Hitachi Magic Wand, made popular in the 1980s by regular appearance in porn movies and often called the Rolls-Royse of vibrators); dildo-shaped – which are in a phallic shape and can be made out of plastic, rubber, silicone, etc. and are used for vaginal or anal penetration; G-spot oriented – as their name suggests they are designed to stimulate that famous G area and are therefore slightly curved; rabbit –the combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulant because it consist of two parts and two motors who provide simultaneous massage of private parts (originally created in Japan and called that way because the part dedicated to clitoral stimulation resembles bunny ears, made famous by Sex and the City in the late 1990s).

There many more types and all of them are made with one purpose – to give best possible orgasm to any user.

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